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A Weird Observation I Noticed In The School of Engineering

The students are different and it is shocking! Now when I say different I am not referring to the physical, although there is a lot of differences in that aspect as well (saving that for a rainy day), but rather on the emotional aspect. It really comes down to  behavior ! I spent a lot of time in other classes and schools, primarily the School of Business and it was not until I left this behind in pursuit of a major that fell into the School of Engineering realm was it that I realized how different this particular body of students are. From my very first class, multiple students behaved in ways that demonstrated a lack of social awareness and that is being generous in my assessment since one could argue that the behaviors fall more in line with narcissism, autism or a personality disorder of some sort. I will list some examples of what I transpired in my first class: The professor said the opposite of what was on the slide, but it was very straightforward and common knowledge for anyon