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Surface Laptop 3 Review (1 Year Later)


Today Microsoft announced a release date for the Surface Laptop 4! Exciting news as I am big fan of Surface products. Why a Surface Laptop 3 review then? Well with a new product normally comes a price reduction on the previous generation of that product so there will be many of many Surface Laptop 3 being sold. Now there are a million things to love about the Surface Laptop 3 so I unfortunately will not cover those as there is plenty of content already on that. I want to cover some of the cons that you will not find out from reviews. 

Product Reviews

Product reviews are great, but the reviews that you see are normally made by professional product reviewers, so you are seeing a review of someone who used the product for less than an hour and needs to upload their review as soon as possible to garner the same views as their product reviewers’ competitors. 


These cons you will not find out about through traditional product reviews. Why? Again, they do not actually use the product for a long period of time…well not even a short period of time! I have listed two cons that you will never uncover through traditional means:

  1.  Screen cracking from closing (The Verge)
  2.  Keyboard peeling 


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